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Herbal plants and medicinal properties
Botanical Name :- Solanum xanthocarpum
Indian name :- Kateli
Kantakari, is known as Indian Solanum is a prickly , branches-perennial herb. The branches are covered with minute star-shaped hairs. The plant has yellow shining prickles of about 1.5cm in size. This herb is a native of India. The fruit of a plant yields carpesteral, glucoside-alkaloids and solanocarpine. It also yields glucoside-alkaloids, solamine-S. On hydrolysis it yields alkaloid solanidine-S.
Properties :- The root are commonly used in Ayurveda for medicinal ingredients, it is to treat several common ailments. Kantakariis useful in clearing catarrh and phelgm from the bronchial tubes. It is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis and cough. The herb can be used to treat constipation and flatulence. Kantakari is useful in the treatment of dropsy, a disease marked by an excessive collection of a fluids in the tissues and cavities or natural hollows of the body. Other uses of this herb are throat disorders, gum disorders, snake bites , chest pain and certain types of fevers.