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Herbal plants and medicinal properties
Botanical name:- Adhatoda vasica
Indian name:- Adusa
Vasaka, also called Malabar nut tree is a well known through out India. Its is tall, with several branches, dense, and an evergreen shrub. Leaves are large and lance-shaped. The flowers are white or purple in colour. Vasaka is a native of India. The leaves of this herb contains an alkaloid vaxicine besides an essential oil.
Properties:- The roots, leaves and the flowers are used as a remedy for cold, cough, bronchitis and asthma. In Ayurveda, a preparation made from vasaka flowers known as gulkand is used to treat tuberculosis. A few fresh petals of Vasaka flowers should be bruised and put in a pot of china clay. Some sugar crystals are added and the jar kept in the sun. It should be stirred every morning and evening. The preserve is ready for use in about a month. Another uses of this herb is beneficial to the treatment of coughs, intestinal worms,skin diseases,diarrhoea and dysentery.