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Herbal plants and medicinal properties
Botanical Name :- Ephedra gerardiana wall
Indian Name :- Asmania
Ephedra is a small plant about one meter high. It has many branched stems, leaves, reduced to two-toothed sheaths or covering. The ayurvedic name of this herb is somlata. The ephedra is indigenous to India and contains alkaloids. The principal alkaloids is ephedrine which is similar to adrenaline in pharmacological action. The other alkaloid contained in the herb is pseudo-ephedrine.
Properties :-The main use of ephedra is in the treatment of asthma particularly bronchial asthma. The powder of the herb in doses ranging from 0. to 2.0 gm. should be swallowed with water in such symptoms. The powder as well as infusion of ephedra is useful in acute rheumatism. It is used continuously for 10 to 12 days will relieve painful, inflamed joins and leave the patient healthy. It is very useful for rheumatic troubles. Another use of this herb is heart disorders.