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There is more to ayurvedam that
meets the eye.
There is more to www.ayurvedam.com
than meets the eye.

Achive Through Faith

Miracles are simply the working of universal super laws and they can be performed ordinarily in a common way through faith

Hold on to the inner peace. Do not get excited by taking life too seriously. Whether a man is agitated or calm, life will pursue its own strange course forever. Worry, fear and discouragement only add to the weight of daily burdens. Cheerfulness, optimism and will power bring about resolutions to problems. So the best way to live is to take life as a cosmic game, with its inevitable contrasts of defeat and victory

Enjoy the challenges as you would in a sport. Life goes on sporting with human beings irrespective of any conditions laid down by mortals. The truly wise are those who have understood with the soul's intuition, through self-realization the inexorable rules by which the cosmic game is played.

The laws of Nature run their fixed course, but they can be manipulated by man. If this were not so there would be today no travel by airplane, no TV, no wonder medicine

While small - minded men cry "impossible" the pathfinders of the world calmly pursue their goals and demonstrate that the impossible was instead inevitable.

Faith not only produces results in healing or bringing success, it is also the power that reveals the out working of spiritual laws which underlie the so called miracles." Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hoped for impossibilities will be realized trough the power of faith - which believes without seeing and even in the face of all odds.

Jesus said," If thou dost believe and say unto this mountain 'go in to the sea' it shall go". But do not expect the mountain to obey if you go to it and say with a timid, unbelieving squeaky voice.

Miracles are simply the working of universal super laws and they can be performed ordinarily in a common way, when one is acquainted with the scientific relation between matter and mind. Jesus walked on water and saved the skeptical, drowning Peter

But remember; do not try to do difficult things unless you know the real method of working the miracles of faith and will power. Develop your faith first and try to wok it out to solve small difficulties. Then you will be able to pen the Gordian knot of most abstruse problems of life

Life, its substance and purpose is an enigma, difficult yet not unknowable. With our progressive thinking, we are daily solving some of its secrets. But in spite of all our devices, strategies and inventions, it seems we are still playthings in the hands of destiny and have a long way to go before we can be independent of nature's domination.

Hence comes the necessity of a fearless reliance on our true immortal self and on the supreme deity, in whose image that self is made-a faith that acts without egotism, and plod on merrily, knowing no trepidation or constraint. Surrender to that Higher Power. Do not become weak. Command your consciences to remain stead fast in its faith.

The self cannot be contaminated by sickness. Maladies of the body come to you though the law of self-created habits of ill health lodged in your subconscious mind. Such karmic manifestations do not disprove the efficacy, the dynamic power of faith.

Hold on to your faith, and mind not the buffeting of untoward circumstances. Be more furious than the fury of misfortune, more audacious than your dangers. The more this newfound faith will work its dynamic influence on you, the more your slavery to weakness will wane proportionately.

Not a corpuscle of blood can move nor a puff of breath enters your nostrils without the command of the lord. Hence absolute surrender to God is the criterion of faith. This surrender is not laziness, expecting God to do every thing for you- your utmost effort to bring about the desired result is also necessary- rather it is a surrender through love for God and veneration of His supremacy

Cast out all your fears. There is nothing to be afraid of anymore when you have touched the Great power of Spirit, which controls creation, all the machinery of this universe. What greater hope could you have, what greater security could you seek, than the contact of the Infinite Being, the essence of all that exists.

He is the only harbour of safety from the storms of this world. : Take shelter in him with all the eagerness of thy heart. By His grace thou shall obtain the utmost peace and the Eternal shelter. In him you will find the joy of life, the indescribable blessedness of your existence, the wonderful realization of His omnipresence right within you

Courtesy- The Yogoda Satsanga Society of India